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Due to the pandemic COVID-19, there is a lockdown in many nations around the world. In most nations, the activity of conducting the IELTS Exam has been postponed due to the pandemic. However, you have to utilize the crucial time of being quarantined, while at home. Following the systematic and methodical planning along with the deep understanding of the test structure, you can prepare for IELTS while sitting at home.

Below are the tips to prepare at home for COVID-19


You should make important study strategies before even opening the book. Time management is very crucial before studying. It is a proven fact that under stress and anxiety, the results worsen. The first thing that you must do is to create a balanced study plan. It is important to stick with the plan throughout the study period. You have to make sure that all the research tasks Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are included in your comprehensive study schedule.


Under the conditions of stress, you might feel that you need to study at every moment. However, this is not a good option to learn. It is a proven fact by researchers that spending all the time studying in one place can be exhausting. By distributing your time to study will help you to retain more information. You may break up the study cycle by doing exercise.


To achieve higher bands in IELTS, just reading textbooks is not enough. There are other things that you can do at home to grasp more in the English language. For the listening section, you have to be familiar with different accents, like British, American and Australian. Watching television or listening to the radio is another way to adapt these skills. In the beginning, you may start watching movies with subtitles. It is also beneficial to listen to different podcasts on YouTube. Having a conversation with the Native English Speakers can definitely help you in exam preparation.


As you won’t have an idea that what kind of questions will be asked to you in the IELTS Exam, so it is crucial to be prepared for every outcome. It will help to solve IELTS practice papers, but there are other ways to do so. To practice with English writing is an important method to do so. Writing blogs on Social Media posts in English or writing letters to friends or family is an important method to practice. In listening as well the practice is very important. Multitasking is key in the listening module. You need to answer the questions at the same time you will be listening.IELTS aspirants need to build strategies while studying at home so that their future planning won’t suffer just because of the quarantine period. We at Career Nimble understand your worries to get assistance while studying. That is why; we are providing FREE IELTS Online Classes for the aspirants during times of downturn. The FREE Online classes are on First come First Serve basis. So hurry and book your slot. For more details regarding free online classes, you may contact us at 90410 01302