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Usually, students asked the question that getting 9 bands in IELTS Listening is possible?
yes! it is possible. The thing is to score 9 in listening student should pay attention to some things before the exam, and on the exam. After paying attention to the following tips, one can surely improve his score and even may able to get band 9.

Improve skills of general listening

The objective of the Listening module in IELTS is to test check the skills of listening. Using only practice tests is not enough for the improvement of the score. No doubt these tests will help to make you familiar with the test, but it is not helpful to improve the listening ability. Candidate should focus on the listening of various type of general listening material like songs, TV-shows, radio reports, and documental programs

Improve topic vocabulary

Some topics are always the same, like, Section 3 is always about education. For instance, in section 3 there is a discussion about a project or assignment between students and tutor. So, candidates can make themselves familiar with the vocabulary related to the study or university. By doing this one can understand the section 3 better.

Learn the spellings of repeated and common words

Students mostly do the spelling errors which is a very common mistake so, to avoid that, one can learn the spellings of the things which usually repeats like a different type of sports, educational thing related to the university.

Mark key words

Candidate must mark the keys word of the questions and options so that it will be easier for a candidate to focus on the highlighted words while the speaker is speaking. The catching of the highlighted word is easy.

Don’t lose attention

The audio is going to be played only once so be attentive. So, if you are not able to listen to some words so don’t stick on that question move forward, don’t worry! Leave it blank and focus on the next, because of one question do not spoil your whole section. Review that left questions at the end of the section or test otherwise. In listening candidate have to do multi-tasking, reading, writing and listening all at the same time.

Take care of words-indicators

Take care of the words-indicators, like as however, but, then, finally, otherwise, or, and. It helps to predict what the speaker will be going to say.

Do not write answers too quickly

Many of the students write answers too quickly, they fall in the trap they do not pay full attention towards the full conversation before completion of the conversation they mark the answer when they hear the needed information, they take it as a correct answer but sometimes that information is corrected or repeated at that time they give the right answer. sometimes that information is repeated or corrected further in the section

Check for silly mistakes

To avoid the silly errors write all answers in capital letters like the name of any person is always start from a capital letter like the name of the month starts always from a capital letter but students write it like 25th January but it should be January so to avoid that student should write JANUARY.

Transfer answers accurately

In the end, 10 minutes will be given for the transfer of the answers on the final answer sheet at that time in the pressure candidates mostly get confused in numbers. So every answer should be checked properly that it is transfer on an exact number or not. Attention is important while transfer the answers.

Don’t leave any blank answers!

There is no negative marking for any incorrect answer so don’t leave any answer blank .its better to do the guesswork for those answers which your not able to do or you do not have the answer like MNQ’s and matching. Read the question again and make a guess!