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IELTS Module



Listening is the Easiest part of the IELTS exam because you do not need to find out any answer because all answer is told by listening clip. I think nothing is easily more than the listening part. It required only your attention and nothing else. There is no test like listening which give you answers along with questions. It examines only your understanding level of the English language how much you able to understand the English language. The recording is going to be played once only. Total time for the listening module is 40 minutes in total, the recording is played for 30 minutes and10 minutes is provided to students to write the answer into the fair answer sheet.

Listening Clip has Four Sections

There are 4 sections and each section contains 10 question 

SECTION 1: This first section is the one-word answer section. There is a conversation between two speakers on any topic. However, this section is mostly related to the customer and any service centre. The first section always looks like a customer form in which you have to write the data of customer by listening to their conversation carefully, for instance, name, mobile no, address, postcode, etc.

SECTION 2: The second section of listening is monologue which means speech by a single person. It is set about social context such as speech about student services on the campus. The type of questions would be blanks as well as multiple choice question.

SECTION 3: The third part of the listening module is a conversation among up to four people mostly in the planning of college topic and projects even assignments. it is also multiple-choice questions and match the features and comments.

SECTION 4: The last part of the listening test is another monologue.it is related to any lecture and descriptions on the general topic of science and history.

Question types of the listening module:

  • Matching 
  • Plan/map labelling
  • Diagram labelling
  • Form, note, table, flow-chart, summary completion
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Short answer type questions


Candidates have to write their answers on the question paper while listening and 10 minutes are given at the end of the test to transfer their answers to an answer sheet. Be careful while transferring the answer on the final answer sheet because of spelling and grammatical error one lose the marks. 

IELTS Listening – Marked

The Listening test is marked by certificated markers, who are regularly monitored to ensure their reliability. All answer sheets, after being marked, are further analysis by Cambridge Assessment English. Candidates write their answers on the question paper as they listen and at the end of the test are given 10 minutes to transfer their answers to an answer sheet. Care should be taken when writing answers on the answer sheet as poor spelling and grammar are penalised.

  • BAND 0 – Did Not Attempt The TEST
  • BAND 1 – Non USER
  • BAND 2 – Intermittent USER
  • BAND 3 – Extremely Limited USER
  • BAND 4 – Limited USER
  • BAND 5 – Modest USER
  • BAND 6 – Competent USER
  • BAND 7 – Good USER
  • BAND 8 – Very Good USER
  • BAND 9 – Expert USER