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IELTS or International English Language Testing System is the standard test of English language that checks the proficiency of people who are non-native English language speakers. This is one of the major English language test accepted by many countries, including Canada, Australia, Britain, Irish and New Zealand.

IELTS General Training Writing Test- This test gave 1-hour duration to the applicants for completion and having two writing tasks which are for 150 marks and 250 marks. In task 1, a situation is given to the candidate and has to write over the same whereas, in task 2, candidates should write an essay for support any argument or clarify his point of view on a specific thing. One needs to write down the explanations in the formal style.

Common Mistake Done in IELTS Writing– Usually, people make doing some of the very common mistakes while their IELTS writing which can result in a low score. So, keep a look at these points and make them avoid possibly.

1. Not Getting Whole Essay Question Properly – While attempting the training writing test. You need to make sure that you would understand the instructions regarding the test which are mentioned in the test. Every candidate needs to follow those instructions in their written response. Usually, a candidate in a hurry or due to other reason ignores instructions.

How to Avoid – To avoid the mistakes, you need to highlight the important points which are given to make discussion, to analyze or making the argument in the test. Always write down what you have experience in your real life because that would result in more apt results.

2. Writing the Answer while is revolving around the essay question, but not reached exactly– You are asked to explain your point to view while the training writing test. Mostly, the candidate in order to make the explanation lengthier got displaced to the actual meaning. This way the explanation becomes boring, which is not supposed to be done.

How to Avoid– This mistake can be avoided easily if you would pay attention to what you are writing. Write down the only apt and exact answer or opinion that was asked in the test. No examiner is interested in reading a story. So, make sure you have made clear arguments with evidence.

3. Too Many Grammatical Mistakes – Many students while doing their IELTS Exam make a grammatical mistake like not using preposition properly, no proper verb usage, running on sentences along with many grammar issues.

How To Avoid – The one and only thing work here is “practice makes you perfect”. So, you need to practice with good grammar exercises, also, you need to sharpen the grammar skills with pouring more knowledge and gathering the skills for the big day. You can even get many of the grammar exercises from the web and practice that on a daily basis. You can also have someone to review your mistakes and make you know the correct ones would be helpful.