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Many of the candidates who take the IELTS Speaking Test find it difficult since it includes face-to-face communication. However, it is the easiest section of the IELTS Test for improvement in band score. You may wonder, “How?  As IELTS interviews are spontaneous, I will not be having much time to prepare my answer! Also, I will be worried about……..”.It is absolutely true that the interviews during the Speaking Test are spontaneous. All the test takers are confused at that time and they have a very short time to plan and prepare their answers. The examiners are aware of this fact, so they do not expect you to answer like an orator. They do not even expect to get structured and logical answers. You are only assessed on the ability to:

  • Well pronunciation of words
  • Usage of good vocabulary
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes
  • Speak in fluency without any hesitation

You can increase your score following a few simple tips and tricks of IELTS Speaking. Below are tips for IELTS Speaking Module to increase IELTS Speaking score:

Be liberated and fluent

You should speak impulsively and in fluency. You will gain more band scores by doing so. Do not think about to use only clever vocabulary, focus on to be in fluency. Also, mind your grammar and do not speak too quickly. You must maintain a balance between making long pauses and speaking too quickly.

Practice to answer the sample questions

Generally, you will be asked about topics of everyday life such as studies, sport, family, work and so on. Therefore, you must practice a few questions of IELTS before the exam. You will be surprised to notice that these are too simple. It is required to learn the required vocabulary for IELTS Speaking and understand the answers that you will come up with.

You may ask to repeat the question

Do not be shy to ask the questions, if you want to get clarification about any question. You will not lose any point if you will be asking the examiner.

Speak with emotions

Be emotional. Your tone of speech can prove that you are not a beginner. Express your feelings like in the manner you would do using your native language.

Extend your words

Never give the short and uncommunicative replies. Always try to speak more than the examiner do. In order to clarify your answer, you must not stop after just speaking a line, try to extend your answer in 3 to 4 sentences. If you have been asked a question using one sentence, reply with two or more sentences. Try to speak more than the examiner do.

Try to be coherent

Use the structures and linking words. The words such as nevertheless, however, moreover, what’s more, etc. will enrich your speech.

Give yourself some time to think

If you are not sure about how to answer, you may give yourself some time to think by using this tip. You may say “I have never thought about this….., This is a tricky question………”. By using this method you will obviously get some time to prepare your answer.

Do not panic if you make a mistake

If you made any mistake, do not panic. Try to correct yourself in a smoother manner. Continue with your speaking, if you cannot correct yourself, you will not lose any points for fewer mistakes.

Career Nimble put together essential Speaking Tips for IELTS and its golden rules that can assist you to perform at your best for this module, it is our guarantee that you will learn something new here.