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In this phase of sadness amongst the people, even the most dedicated and happiest people are feeling down, especially after reading the news. We have always advised our students to read the newspapers constantly, but now we shall take our words back according to the worse scenario.according to the current scenario you can follow some tips for IELTS Preparation. here are points which help to concentrates on IELTS during this  Quarantine

Do not read the news.

These days you should prioritize to stay calm and be positive. For this, you should less rely on the news. As you already have the words COVID-19 and Coronavirus in your vocabulary, and there is approximately no other content in the news. Most of the people get panic by listening to the pandemic news repeatedly. Being an IELTS aspirant, you need to stay away from this news. You cannot control the virus, but you can control your reaction towards the situation. Only then you will be able to concentrate on your IELTS preparation. Alternatively, you can read the books with a good vocabulary. You must be taking care of your physical health along with mental health.

Create, Instead of Consuming.

It is very easy to read the news, it is accessible all the time since it is on your phone or your laptop. While reading the news, you must not consume the content that upsets you. You need to put IELTS related materials in the device that you are using

  • Answer the questions of the IELTS Reading passage, rather than reading the news.
  • Rather than looking on the internet about Coronavirus, read the sample answers for an IELTS essay and then start with writing an essay.
  • Do a Listening test – this way you will be spending at least half an hour by not thinking about the virus.

Therefore, we call it advancing your IELTS preparation and your well-being at the same time.

Have a break from real life.

Different people have non-identical strategies to escape from the depressing scenario either by reading a book or by watching a movie, whichever works for you – you just have to ensure that the book or the movie is in the English language. You will be able to learn linking words, spellings, enhancement in reading speed, new sentence structures, all at the same time. By watching a movie, you can enhance your Pronunciation, Speaking Skills, and Listening Skills can learn new expressions and idioms.

Remember your goal

You must keep your eyes on the prize, to keep motivation that is the reason that you are appearing for the exam. As even if you do not feel like this now, as soon as the situation exists in your country and the world as well, the goal will become more crucial to you. For Instance, look at Hongkong, there IELTS Exams were suspended firstly, but resumed afterward. Hopefully, other countries will follow the same pattern, you must be ready.

Remember that you are strong, and you will overcome this hardship. Then start proving it to yourself by preparing to ace your IELTS test!

Visualize success.

You might have heard that by visualizing the things, one can achieve them. But what does the visualization means? This means to imagine things positively.  Do not imagine negatively, like sitting in the Listening test and missing some answers. You should not imagine yourself to get failed. Imagine that you are sitting in the exam calmly, putting the headphones with complete concentration and eliminating distractions. You must be focused and confident. This is the visualization that helps you to get prepared for your success.

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