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In order to become fluent in the English language, you do not need to live in a country whose native language is English. You do not even need to leave your home if you are smart enough to learn new concepts. By using the following tips, you will be able to learn English while staying at home.


There is obviously no alternative to learn English, by regularly speaking to native speakers of this language. In many of the cities, there are ex-pat communities that organize social events and chat together. You should look for these social events in your city.

You can also look for language exchange services on Skype. There is a number of people who love to practice with others.


You must start chatting with your family members in the English language. At least one of your family members could be aware of using this language.  You should chat at least 30-45 minutes with them. You can do it at intervals rather than speaking in continuation. Just have a general conversation with them, do not talk on formal topics, it could be monotonous after some days. You must bear in mind that small amounts of daily practice are much effective than cramming before the exam.


Everyone enjoys while watching movies, so you must make their usage for learning the English language. You must watch these actively and not passively. Download the script, and then play the role of its character. You can do it alone or can do it in a group.

Trust me this is going to assist you to learn English and boost your level of English. Pay attention to the intonation of actors and copy them. You will also learn new words and phrases that will be helpful for IELTS preparation. Look for the word in the dictionary, if you do not get it.


You should look for the topics and the subjects that you are interested in. Give yourself a break from boring IELTS book material and instead study that you love the most. In research, it was concluded that the students who read or listen to English, improve it faster than the students who just stick to the notes.

Look for the topic that is interesting to you then start listening or reading about that. You can also look for the podcasts that interest you. There are also abundant blogs on the internet. Choose any topic that seems interesting to you and read it with interest.


It is a very easy task these days to initiate a blog. This will give you the platform to show your writing to the world and will definitely prepare you for writing task 2 in IELTS. Don does not worry about your grammar in the beginning, as people who read the blogs are very forgiving with little grammatical mistakes.

If you are writing the essays, you must post these on your blogs and can ask the students and teachers to comment on them. In a very span of time, there will be a community of people, who assist each other on the shared goals.


Visit YouTube and look for the Top 10 videos regarding this search. You can watch distinct YouTube videos daily on the subject of English Speaking countries.

This will be great exposure to authentic native English Speakers. In the IELTS Listening Test, the audio could be in any accent of any country. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for you to practice listening to them. Another form of practicing is by leaving comments and interacting with other viewers.


Podcasts are one of the efficient ways to learn English. When you listen to the podcasts you grasp the English language in an effective manner. On one hand, you prepare yourself for different accents in listening. On the other hand, the ability to speak English also strengthens. There are many apps that allow you to listen to these at your phone any time you want.