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How long is an IELTS score be valid?

An   IELTS result ( Test Report Form ) is valid for two (2)  years .

When can I retake the test?

A candidate may retake an IELTS  test any time.

What are the test dates for IELTS?

IELTS test dates are offered upto 4 times in a month making  a total of 48 fixed tests dates in a year. Test dates may different for academic and general training module. Academic test is available on all 48 dates and the general training test is available on 24 dates only.

How to register for IELTS test?

 For registration help call us at +91-9041001302, 181-46113402 or you may visit our office to give us a chance to assist you.

What if I am unable to appear for the test on the registered date?

A candidate marked as an absentee and fess will not be refunded.

How to postpone or cancel IELTS exam?

If  a candidate want to  postpone or cancel the application of  IELTS test  then it should be done at least 5 weeks before the test date, then candidate receive a refund after deduction of administration charge. If candidate  postpone or cancel less than or after 5 weeks of the test date, a candidate will receive no refund and  will be charged the full fee, as long as candidate do not have a serious medical condition and are able to provide a medical certificate within 5 days of the test date, candidate then  will receive a refund after deduction of administrative cost.

What can I take into the examination room with me?

Candidates  are allowed to carry only pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and their  passport in the examination room. Everything else like Mobile phones, tabs, wrist watches and handbags must be placed in the area designated by the testing authority.

What kinds of accents can be heard in the Listening and Speaking tests?

IELTS is an international test. Type of accent is not specific , examples of accents are American , british, Australian  , accents are not restricted to these three only these are just examples.

Can I apply for a re-evaluation?

Yes  a candidate  can apply for a re- evaluation or an Enquiry on Results, at your test centre not later than six weeks of the test date. Candidates  must pay an enquiry fee, which will be refunded if your bands score change after re-evaluation. The IELTS testing process has a very high standard of control procedures and the chances of change in scores after re-evaluation are negligible.

Do I use a pen or a pencil to write the exam?

Candidate  must write the Listening and Reading parts answers with pencil. A candidate  may choose to use either a pen or a pencil to take the writing section of the test.

What are the pass marks for IELTS?

There are no pass marks in IELTS. Candidates performance in each section will be rated on a band scale of 1 to9. All educational institutions set their own minimum IELTS scores eligibility.