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How to Manage Word Limit in the IELTS Writing Exam

The IELTS writing exam consists of mainly two tasks- Task1, Task2. The IELTS writing task2 of General Test and Academic Test are the same, however, IELTS  writing task1 varies. Task1 basically examines your ability to scrutinize data in an objective manner, without...

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Top 6 Do’s for IELTS Speaking

Must do Warm-Up If a football player plays a game without doing warm-up like running or stretching up first then what will happen? The answer to this question is maybe that player will have a terrible game or may injure themselves. A student who is going to appear for...

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Tips to get a high score in IELTS Listening

Usually, students asked the question that getting 9 bands in IELTS Listening is possible? yes! it is possible. The thing is to score 9 in listening student should pay attention to some things before the exam, and on the exam. After paying attention to the following...

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3 Pro Tips to get a higher Score in IELTS

Tip 1 Use the IELTS Structure as an Advantage: In the Listening test at the end of each section they will provide you 30 seconds to check the answers and 30 seconds to read the questions, instead of checking the answers you should use that 30 seconds to read the...

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