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Great Ways to Learn English at Home for Free

In order to become fluent in the English language, you do not need to live in a country whose native language is English. You do not even need to leave your home if you are smart enough to learn new concepts. By using the following tips, you will be able to learn...

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Top 15 IELTS Listening Tips

If you desire to get higher scores in IELTS Exam then you must follow the following strategies to score higher. 1. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND QUESTIONS CAREFULLY Likewise in every exam, it is crucial to read the instructions in the Listening Module of the IELTS Test....

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IELTS Preparation: Is It Useful to Memorize?

Memorization lets you develop some skills when it comes to language exams. There are some of the things that you should not memorize though. You can also not manually memorize as it will not help you learn English in the long term. I will mention some of the things...

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Many of the candidates who take the IELTS Speaking Test find it difficult since it includes face-to-face communication. However, it is the easiest section of the IELTS Test for improvement in band score. You may wonder, “How?  As IELTS interviews are spontaneous, I...

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How to Concentrate On IELTS during COVID-19

In this phase of sadness amongst the people, even the most dedicated and happiest people are feeling down, especially after reading the news. We have always advised our students to read the newspapers constantly, but now we shall take our words back according to the...

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