The Civil Services Main examination is designed to test the academic talent of the aspirant, also his/her ability to present his/ her knowledge in a clear and coherent manner. The main Examination is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory.

General Studies

General Studies, According to the new pattern there are “FOUR General Studies Paper I-IV” each comprising of 250 Marks with a total of 1000 Marks. The scope of the syllabus of General Studies is of degree level.

Civil Services Mains Exam General Studies Syllabus are:

General Studies-I: 250 Marks (Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and         Society)
Paper-II-> General Studies -II: 250 Marks (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations)
PAPER-III-> General Studies -III: 250 Marks (Technology, Economic Development, Biodiversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management)
Paper-IV-> General Studies -IV: 250 Marks (Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude)




Public Administration


Public Administration, the most popular subject, can be finished in 4-5 months and every subsequent revision would take about 11/2 months with lots of updating, revision and retention in the applied aspects (2nd paper) being asked by UPSC in recent years.(Note: The popularity of a subject is based on the number of candidates opting for a subject and it may vary from year to year)

PAPER-I: Administrative Theory, Administrative Thought, Administrative Behavior, Administrative Law, Organizations, Accountability and control, Comparative Public Administration, Development Dynamics, Personnel Administration, Public Policy, Techniques of Administrative Improvement, Financial Administration.

PAPER-II: Evolution of Indian Administration, Philosophical and Constitutional framework of government, Public Sector Undertakings, Union Government and Administration, Plans and Priorities, State Government and Administration, District Administration since Independence, Civil Services, Financial Management, Administrative Reforms since Independence, etc



Geography, the 2nd most popular subject can be taken if students are comfortable with drawing, map reading and retaining large chunks of data in a short span of time.

PAPER-I: Principles of Geography ->

Physical Geography: Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography, Biogeography, Environmental Geography.

Human Geography: Perspectives in Human Geography, Economic Geography, Population and Settlement Geography, Regional Planning, Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography.

PAPER-II: Geography of India -> Physical Setting, Resources, Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Communication and Trade, Cultural Setting, Settlements, Regional Development and Planning, Political Aspects, Contemporary Issues.

NOTE: Candidates will be required to answer one compulsory map question pertinent to subjects covered by this paper



Sociology, the 6th most popular subject can be finished in 4-5 months with adequate coaching. Revision in Sociology can be done in 1 month.

Sociology » Mains Syllabus

FUNDAMENTALS OF SOCIOLOGY: Sociology – The Discipline, Sociology as Science, Research Methods and Analysis, Sociological Thinkers, Stratification and Mobility, Works and Economic Life, Politics and Society, Religion and Society, Systems of Kinship, Social Change in Modern Society.

Introducing Indian Society, Social Structure, Issues of integration and autonomy, Social Changes in India,




Political Science Of all the subjects, Political Science, the 7th most popular subject helps the most in the preparation of GS and Essay. But you have to constantly revise, update and retain it through current affairs as reported in Newspapers, Weeklies, Magazines and websites.

Political Science » Mains Syllabus

Political Theory and Indian Politics (Political Theory, Theories of The State, etc)
Indian Government and politics (Indian Nationalism, etc)

Comparative Politics and International Relations:
Comparative Political Analysis and International Politics (Comparative Politics, etc), India and the World (Indian Foreign Policy, etc)



Psychology, the 8th most popular subject can be finished in 5-6 months for the first time and every subsequent revision would take around 1 month with less of updation and more of revision and retention combined with your observation.

PSYCHOLOGY » Mains Syllabus

FOUNDATIONS OF PSYCHOLOGY (Introduction, Methods of Psychology, Research Methods, Development of Human Behaviour, Sensation, Attention and Perception, Learning, Memory, etc)


PSYCHOLOGY: ISSUES AND APPLICATIONS (Psychological Measurement of Individual Differences, Psychological well-being and Mental Disorders, etc)




Commerce, the 13th most popular subject is recommended for aspirants having B.Com / M.Com / MBA / CA / CS / ICWA degree / diploma.

Commerce » Mains Syllabus

A: Accounting and Finance Accounting, Taxation & Auditing (Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, etc)
B: Financial Management, Financial Institutions and Markets (Financial Markets and Institutions)

Organisation Theory and Behaviour (Organisation Theory, Organisation Behaviour)

Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations (Human Resources Management (HRM), Industrial Relations (IR))



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