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Static Website Static websites are always helpful to display an enormous amount of content for a long time which enables …

Static Website

Static websites are always helpful to display an enormous amount of content for a long time which enables to launch a website of the business of all types. It’s not only essential to present the website on the Internet, show your business, but it is also expected by consumers, having small or large business. All businessmen have realized the importance of having a website that has become mandatory to compete in this high tech world. The creation to the sites help the business ventures to express what they want to deliver to the end users via the web. Thus can be clubbed as “hot selling cake”.

The primary benefit that the static sites are better for small businesses as they provide excellent extended features these days for large companies to publish information on Internet.

Benefits of Static Website

Attractive and Interactive Layouts
Pixel perfect Structure
High performance
Less page load time
User-Friendly Light Weight Websites, Which Takes Less Time to Download
SEO Friendly
Informative and Content Rich
High Browser Compatibility

Considering every and each aspect of the requirement, static web designers at Nimble Technocrats offers the top notch designs for every type of business. Our Static Website Development not just provides a simple, informative website, but our technocrats aim to provide distinct innovative design and an interactive website layout by their sincere dedication and hard work. Meeting all your expectations in a static site by incorporating all of your requirements in the website is what we do best so that your E-business can touch the heights.

Ecommerce Website Development

You can be simple with ECommerce website for opening and managing a store. Ecommerce misunderstood as just B2C platform visualized as a selling concept, but ECommerce is the vast term consisting exchange and facilitating the exchange of finances in business using an electronic system. Apart from the store, any gateway using transfer or exchange of funds comes under ECommerce. Thus, it requires top class skills, technological advancement and technical know-how in the development of highly secured ECommerce website.

The success of an ECommerce site entirely depends upon its user-friendly features and ease of accessibility. Whether it’s an E-Store or another type of ECommerce website, what it requires is a keen observation of design. Our designers are experts in framing their ideas in developing appropriate ECommerce website. While designing the layout, careful consideration given is to all aspects such as, quick browsing, easy navigation, valuable products and services and offers, etc. At every step so that the users can easily surf and navigate through the site.

Another side of Ecommerce website development is greater security that it provides to its users. There’s always risk to the user if there’s any insecurity issue associated with the site. Thus, it becomes imperative for our developers to observe carefully, test and present the final product with complete security to the customer. We make sure that websites developed go by all necessary tests before going live.

Ecommerce website development has lots of complex technicalities, but our highly professional team provides the best in class service solutions as required. We have an each and every solution requirement as floated by the customers. If the customer demands to develop ECommerce website using open source platform or to made from scratch, we always offer with the best solutions.

If you are planning or looking for the best solution to have an ECommerce website, it might look to be a daunting task. But Nimble Technocrats with its knowledge and experience in developing ECommerce websites provide its client the required solution, thus attaining excellent customer satisfaction.

CMS Website Development

MS Web Development is a vast field of developing websites, and proper knowledge should acquire before venturing further into this matter. Web application has become very popular as the best services are provided respectively, on a platform of Internet. That’s why developers and coders are interested in CMS web development. CMS, here, refers to Content Management System. There are many aspects and roles needed to satisfy in order to develop a web applications successfully. Content Management Systems (CMS) based company use many platforms for designing, developing and certainly one of them like WordPress, PHP, etc.

CMS Websites

CMS stands for Content Management Systems and its help to control the content of your site individually because of its user-friendly interface. Owner of the website can make changes into the websites like upload, edit, delete images and content without taking help from any developer.

Today’s CMS is very useful for non-technical persons where the layman can control the content of the website without having any prior knowledge of extensive coding. There is a variety of plugins and themes available to handle features and layout of the site.

Types of CMS in which we work: –

Open cart

Customs Web Application Development

We have a discussion for you to let us know, your thoughts and what’s possible. How much time it would take to create, and cost for a custom (or customized) component, plug-in or module. We have been creating customs apps, add-ons, APIs, PHP scripts, and since we launched ‘CorePHP’ about creating one for you. Whether you experienced technologist who “speaks the language,” or you’re a new, we are helping you to your goals accomplish, and get you up and running, fast.

Following are the framework that we are using to develop any web application.

YII framework
Zend Framework 2

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