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Tip 1 Use the IELTS Structure as an Advantage:

In the Listening test at the end of each section they will provide you 30 seconds to check the answers and 30 seconds to read the questions, instead of checking the answers you should use that 30 seconds to read the questions of the next section because recording is not going to be repeated, so there is no need to re-check the answers . A candidate can use that 30 sec of rechecking to read the questions by this, a candidate gets 1 min to read the questions of the next section. for checking answers you will get 10 mins at the end for transfer at that time you can check your answers. Understanding the structure of the text is very important that how to use the time to get higher score in IELTS listening.

Tip 2: Do things in the right order to save time:

time management is a common problem for a lot of people in IELTS and especially in Reading. To save time one should do things in reading in the particular given order. Many people say that matching headings is a time consuming and to do that it will take a long time. To use the time in a proper manner one should do it in the order of paragraph. Doing it paragraph by paragraph will save your time. Do not do it in the order of headings. Look at the headings mark keywords then go to paragraph 1 read it, look at the list of headings again, pick a suitable one. Do the same thing for each paragraph, read the passage and then mark the appropriate reading for that. To save time do the different question types simultaneously. In this way, you would not read a paragraph more than once. By this, you can use the time inappropriate manner. reading less will save your time.

Tip 3: Find out what your weaknesses and strengths are:

Every person is different. As soon as possible try to find out where you need to focus..do your practice at under real exam pressure and conditions. do the Reading test within 60 minutes Do the Listening test without repeating and stopping the recording. After you finish, take a look at where you stuck. Do you have a lack of ideas in speaking? In the reading test, time management is a problem? Do not just do continue practice tests and repeat the same mistakes, Once you know your mistakes and weaknesses, then, focus on correcting them and make the right strategies to solve those problems